“One of the reasons why I enlisted for the program was that I could combine it with my job. I do have some experience now after working for football clubs and for me it was kind of a benchmark. I wanted to know that what I’m doing now is still good enough, or are we doing the right thing or are we doing something wrong? Just to know what other people are doing and what the industry is telling you to know and what the new changes and evolutions are. So that for me was very interesting to have kind of a benchmark, to just refocus and step outside of the club that you work for on a daily basis, and I really enjoyed that. The fact that I was able to combine it with my job was very important, as it does take some time, but it certainly worth the effort. The network and lectures you get are very interesting, so it’s always good to take on the course.”


“It’s important to keep on learning as you’ll never know everything. The world of football and the world of football business is changing every day. I think you have to challenge yourself and try to see if you can learn some more, because the world of football is becoming more and more professional. There is a lot of emotion and passion involved, a lot of stakeholder management as well, but I think it’s important that it becomes more of a business. You have to know what the new evolutions are, what the new changes are, and what new systems and processes are there. I would certainly advise people to take on the course, because I think you have to keep on learning.”

Gunter Peeters

Managing Director at FC Eindhoven

„I enrolled in several programs at the Sports Business Institute Barcelona to acquire new skills and network with industry professionals. I am absolutely thrilled to have taken their programs as they have given me valuable and practical information that I have used in my professional life. The material presented in the course is very relevant, fresh and easy to comprehend. I would recommend their courses to anyone who is looking to break into the sports industry or is currently working at a sports organization. The courses offer so many takeaways and lessons that will be used in the future. Congratulations to Diego, Emma and the entire SBI team for their organization and drive to deliver top-quality content to students!”

Matteo Trevisani

Digital Marketing Specialist, CONCACAF

„I needed a new challenge and SBI gave me the flexibility and support to achieve a Masters degree whilst maintaining a high standard at work and travelling up and down the country and Europe for work. The course was incredibly informative and helpful and I enjoyed studying with people from all over the world. I recommend the course for anyone currently working in football or aspiring to get a career in football.”

Rebecca James

Communications Manager at Arsenal FC.

„I have completed several courses at the Sports Business Institute Barcelona and gained extensive knowledge on the commercial/business side of football. The content, delivery and team behind the institute is of top quality. Highly recommended institute for current and aspiring football professionals.”

Eloisa Menegoni

Marketing Data Analyst at AS Roma

„The Master in Football Business & Management was really insightful into the different areas on the business side of football with an excellent range of speakers. I met people from different backgrounds and was able to amplify my network in the football industry. The main reason I decided to do this Master is the fact that it was online and I was able to fit around my job. The program is well structured and compatible with my full-time job. Also, meeting everyone in Barcelona at the end of the program was a very rewarding experience. 100% recommended!”

Ruth Corry

Academy Director at Charlton FC

„Massive thanks to the Sports Business Institute Barcelona for helping me to acquire more knowledge on the business side of the football industry through their programs. Highly recommend their courses.”

Flo Allen

Professional Football Player for Bristol FC

¨I can’t speak highly enough of the team at Sports Business Institute Barcelona and am so pleased I decided to study with them. As a professional footballer with an interest in the business side of the industry I couldn’t have hoped for a greater insight than the course provided. I have studied online before but the way this course is structured was far more interactive and I really benefited from the broad and detailed knowledge that Diego Valdes was able to provide. I have already enrolled myself on the digital media and communications course that they run and look forward to when it commences in 2016. For anyone looking to work within the world of football or develop their personal network studying with Sports Business Institute is the perfect place to look.¨

Mark Roberts

Professional Football Player at Cambridge United

“Not all students enjoy studying or attending classes, but at SBI Barcelona they actually do. I completed two courses – Football Marketing and Management, Football Communication and Social Media – and looked forward to every single module. During the web conferences, I always had the feeling that my fellow students shared my enthusiasm for the football business and enjoyed our interactions as much as I did. And thanks to Mr Diego Valdes (program director) all students were able to share their experiences and thoughts and learn from each other. I can highly recommend SBI Barcelona and their courses to anyone interested in a career in the sports business. Thank you SBI for 16 great weeks!”

Sebastiano Mereu

Founder, Football Marketing TV, Switzerland

„Studying at SBI I gained valuable marketing insight that I will put to use at my club. I also benefited from SBI’s strong network in the football industry.”

Nuno Santos

Marketing Director at Rio Ave FC

¨The course was great! organized, practical with professional delivery, and I shouldn’t forget it was always enriched with up to date business cases from the industry. Diego (the instructor) is an industry guru, with great analytic caliber that you feel the value of his knowledge. He is open, energetic and easy going instructor. I should definitely recommend the course (Football Marketing and Management) for both those who want to get in to the industry or just interested to understanding it better.¨

Osama Abushaban

CIO, Entrepreneur, Consultant

„It was a great experience studying at SBI. At the time I did the course I was working for the Miami Heat in the NBA. After the course I transitioned to the football industry working at Inter Miami FC. Good opportunity to learn and network.”

Santiago Rojas

Account Executive at Inter Miami FC

“I undertook a Football Marketing and Business Management course of study with the Sports Business Institute, Barcelona in the Autumn of 2013. The course was a wonderful blend of current, relatable content taught across live web seminars, background reading, audio visual content, online assesment and homework. I cannot praise the course highly enough, nor those that teach it. The tutors have first hand experience of the modern football industry at the highest level and a vast knowledge of the inner workings of the industry worldwide. I hope to undertake further courses with them in the near future and would unreservedly recommend The Sports Institute, Barcelona to anybody contemplating one of their courses.”

Neil Didsbury

Broadcast Media, England

“Followed the Football Management and Marketing course over the past few months and must say it was a great experience. Good insights from the industry, great examples and a well lead weekly seminar. Would definitely recommend to everyone who wants a more detailed insight in the industry or who is aiming for a career in sports/football management.”

Anthony Goesaert

Sales Manager Europe, Belgium

¨Sports business Institute has been a real help for me in my journey to enter the football industry. As a financial adviser, I needed to understand more deeply the reality of football business, and the Sports Business Institute gave me a broad knowledge and a good network to do so. A special thanks to Diego (Program Director) who has been key to meeting a broad range of people in the industry.¨

Paulo Pereira

Business Broker, Remikom, Switzerland

“After attending the Football Marketing & Management Course at Sports Business Institute Barcelona, I can finally say that has included everything I was expecting from it. From practical cases and theory about different aspects of the football industry to the experience of our tutor, Diego Valdés, we’ve learned a lot about sponsorship, planning events, ambush marketing, etc… The online campus has also helped a lot, with illustrative videos and more inputs about each module besides the slides. The weekly web conferences were really useful too, because we could interact a lot between all the participants. These 8 weeks have been a great experience and if I could, I would do the course again. “

Dani Díez Rangil

Business Intelligence Intern, FC Barcelona, Spain

“I enrolled and followed the Football management and marketing course over the past eight weeks and I have to say that I benefited a lot from it. The modules, the explanations along with the case studies were more than sufficient in helping me learn more about the business aspect of football. I must also thank Diego Valdes who I believe added more value to the course and he’s a person who will surely increase your football marketing and management knowledge. Words are not enough to praise but all I can say is that I recommend this module to everyone who wants to peruse a career in football management.”

Hovsep Seraydarian

Financial Manager at Alpha Club FC

¨Earlier this year I was invited as a guest speaker at one of the SBI sessions and we got some very interesting discussions. It was very interactive and you could clearly feel the desire of the attendees to learn more about the sports marketing industry. I must say it was a very positive experience for me. I do believe Diego Valdes (Program Director) is a fantastic communicator, an incredibly passionate individual and a very enthusiastic ‘lover’ of the world of sports, so I wish him all the best with the SBI project and I look forward to working with him again in the near future.¨

Yeray Romera

EA Sports - Director of Latin America

¨The Sports Business Institute Barcelona provided our organization with great input. Many thanks.¨

Regis Lemonn

President, Foot’Attitude Association, Ivory Coast

¨I can highly recommend the Football Marketing & Management course to everyone who wants to further their knowledge of the football indsutry. The course was very well-structured and the group discussions are of great value. The experience of Diego Valdes, the Director, combined with his great interpersonal skills make him a great program coordinator who is always open for advice and ready to answer your questions.¨

Denis Kolev

Assistant Project Manager

¨The Sports Business Institute Barcelona’s training is top level. The quality of the content together with the first-hand industry experience of the tutors and the interactive weekly classes is hard to beat. You develop your skills and create a valuable network .¨

Anders Ahlström

Ström Sports, Sports Marketing Agency

¨I had a great idea for using an interactive video gaming station at events, but little knowledge of how to generate revenue from it. Then I enrolled in the Football Marketing & Management Course and used the information I learned in the sponsorship module to change my proposals and as a result, I partnered with a top event organizer/promoter and landed my first paid sponsor before the course finished. . Thanks to the SBI team and Diego Valdes’s advice in the live web conferences, I’m teaming up with many new sports properties and sponsors, and look forward to an exciting and busy 2016. Thank you SBI.¨

Bruno Batista

Founder, Upper 90 Studios

¨Diego Valdes and the Sports Business Institute team have put together a fantastic resource for anyone looking to get into the football industry. The material is up to date and intriguing applying modern business priniciples to football world case studies, allowing for the content to be absorbed and enjoyed on a much higher level. The discussions generated also allowed me to develop presentation and speaking skills which are highly valued in the industry. The relationships I have developed during this course will serve me well for my future careers. I believe this is a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to get ahead in the football industry and challenge anyone looking to get a foot in the door to take advantage of this..¨

Ben Trupiano

Membership Servicing & Ticketing Coordinator, Western Sydney Wanderers, Australia

„I completed the Marketing and Social Media modules back to back and found them interesting and valuable. Working interactively with people from different sports backgrounds provided really interesting opinions and cases and a new perspective on an industry I’ve worked in my whole career. Anyone looking to break into the industry should definitely look at this course, the networking opportunities alone are invaluable. Even for professionals within the industry there’s still a lot of information and inspiration that comes from both courses – definitely worth a look.”

Laura Gabbidon

Marketing Director, Wolverhampton Wanderers FC

„The Sports Business Institute’s Online Football Marketing & Management course provides an extremely detailed insight into the key commercial aspects of the football business. The weekly group discussions, expertly led by the knowledgeable Diego Valdes, provide an invaluable opportunity for students to engage with each other and share ideas and opinions. Additionally, the course materials give students a vast amount of background information on a wide variety of relevant topics. I would happliy recommend this course to both those looking to gain an insight into the football business and those already working in the industry.”

Leo Avery

Legal Counsel, Marketing Rights at T.E.A.M. Marketing AG

¨I enrolled to the Football Marketing and Management course to extend my knowledge and understanding of the business side of sport and ultimately improve my career prospects. It was a rare opportunity to not only learn from the weekly material, but to also hear a variety of perspectives and opinions from the other course attendees in the weekly web seminars. The chance to learn and network is for me, what distinguishes this course. Meeting fellow students from a broad spectrum of backgrounds allowed me to look at particular case studies in ways I may normally have overlooked. The course, along with the always-available director- Diego Valdes, gave me the tools to confidently seek out work within the industry. Having completed the course, I have since found full-time employment with West Ham United FC’s Community Sports Trust in a Communications and Marketing role where my ideas and contributions are respected. I am certain that my opportunity at West Ham United FC came as a direct result of the knowledge and confidence I gained. Diego still offers me much valued support to this day, of which I am eternally grateful for. I could not recommend this course enough for people who are serious about getting involved in the football industry.¨

Connor Reddy

Marketing & Communications, West Ham United

„The Sports Business Institute Football Marketing & Management course covered the commercial aspects of football business in a very clear and concise format, providing engaging and up-to-date content, readings, videos, insights and case studies. The sessions were moderated perfectly and always in a very professional manner. I would be more than happy to recommend this course to anyone interested in entering or already involved in the industry.”

Andrew de Gruchy

Head of Marketing & Sponsorship

¨Sports Business Institute is a school that allows you to develop quickly skills in marketing and management in the complex football industry, with concrete and direct interaction with our teacher. Nothing is theoretical, everything is based on real and concrete cases, thanks to the experience and knowledge of our teacher. The conference(s) with professionals of the sector to complete the course were very rewarding. Through this course, I learned that I really do not know the behind the scenes of my favorite sport. Thanks SBI! ¨

Sevan Sekerci

Founder, Pro Development Sports, Belgium