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Pro Women in Sports: Empowerment, Equality and Inclusivity

April 10, 2024

Pro Women in Sports: Empowerment, Equality and Inclusivity - SBI Barcelona

Last month the SBI Barcelona team attended the first edition of the PRO Women in Sports conference held in Barcelona.


Among the topics discussed included the need to have more women in management and leadership positions.


Although the growth of the women’s sports has continued to grow exponentially in the past years, women continue to be under represented in decision-making roles in the industry.


Noelia Carmona, Brand & Media Director at Decathlon Spain stressed that the opportunities for the industry to grow and strengthen its relationship with women go beyond the business aspect.  In her view, the women’s game provides exposure for social causes while still aligning to the overall sports marketing and business objectives of the sport.


Albert Soler, CEO of Metropolitan gyms in Spain, had some positive statistics to share from his organization. He stated that approximately 53% of their 80.000 clients are women. In addition, 16 of the 21 venues they operate are run by women.


Other notable speakers included Carlota Artigas, Marketing Coordinator at the America’s Cup. Susana Mayo, Deputy Director General of Professional Sport and Financial Control of the Consejo Superior de Deportes (CSD); Xisela Aranda, from the Board of Directors of RC Celta; and former footballer Judith Fernández, creator of Aela Talent, an agency specializing in women’s sports.


Finally, there was also time for practical cases, where the speakers were given a more realistic explanation of success stories such as the case explained by Cathy Engelbert of the WNBA, where she stressed that: “Women players represent social justice, culture and fashion, we are not just talking about sport.¨


Overall it was an excellent event organized by 2Playbook and CA Sports in Barcelona. We hope to attend future events such as this one that align with the core values of our Institute.


At SBI Barcelona we are committed to empowering women to move into more leadership positions in football business. In fact, in our Master in Football Business & Management we regularly promote more women to educate themselves to have a space at the table. The sports business table.



Text and Images by: Alex Leon, Marketing Team at SBI Barcelona

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