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Analysis of the Summer 2021 Football Transfer Window


By: Rana Ghosal

We are almost at the end of the 2021-22 summer transfer window and have seen a rather subdued transfer action thus far. Most clubs have got their target players, some have missed and many are still on the negotiation tables but, in all probability, the 2021-22 summer transfer will be known as the season when Messi moved from Barcelona to PSG.

Still one more week left and several high-profile discussions are happening and we could end up seeing some surprises. As a top journalist specializing in the transfer market says, “it’s going to a very hectic last day”.

Here, we take a look at how the transfer season has evolved so far:

Transfer Spends in the Top 5 Leagues

Till the last week of the window, a total of €2.35 billion have been spent in the transfer signings. Of this, English Premier League has the lion’s share of 45.6% (€1.08 B) of the total amount spent followed by the Italian Serie A with 18.7% (€446.5 M) share. Spanish La Liga has been the most austere in terms of spending with a mere 8.2% (€195.3 M) of the spends pie. This can be understood with the salary cap rule imposed by the LaLiga as a measure for every club to follow Financial Fair Play. The spends break-up (given below) shows English Premier League has so far spent almost equal to the cumulative spends of German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A and French Ligue 1.

It prompted us to explore how the transfer spends have shaped up against previous seasons. Deep-diving in the spend figures, we see the effect of Covid19 felt across the leagues and spends reduced drastically. This shall be explored further once the window is closed.

Club-wise transfer spends analysis

A total of 1069 transfers have already concluded across 98 clubs comprising the top five leagues in Europe. This is down by 50% from the 2020-21 season where 1609 players were transferred. However, there is still one more week to go before we arrive at the final figure but it is safe to say that lesser number of transfers will take place this season.

Further, almost 61% of the clubs spent less than €20 million for their entire transfers. Only 5% of the clubs have spent more than €100 million in transfers.



The highest spending 5 clubs have cumulatively spent €620.1 M in transfer signings contributing to 26% of spends share. It would probably not come as a surprise to see that these 5 clubs are all from English Premier League.



Most Expensive Player Signing

Most expensive player signing would have been quite different in another time! With a horde of big names including the likes of Messi, Sergio Ramos, Donnarumma moving as free transfers, the five most expensive transfers are now cumulatively worth €435.5 M and contribute to 18.1% of the total spends.



The scenario might just change by the end of transfer window. Like they say, "it ain't over till it’s over."

For the fans, this period is always a nail-biting time full of speculations and discussions but for the people behind-the-scenes including the agents / player intermediaries, lawyers who represent these players, this is a round-the-clock period of work. They go all out to secure a good deal for their clients creating a positive situation for all the stakeholders involved - the selling club, the buying club and of course, the player himself. For these highly skilled player intermediaries, it’s the time of negotiations, defining the clauses and preparing contracts and so on.

SBI Barcelona has a three-month online Certificate in Football Player Intermediation program, a course designed to equip the students with the formal skills and knowledge to successfully represent football players and clubs worldwide.

The next course is scheduled to commence from 6th September, 2021.

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