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How studying at SBI benefited my career - David Haimovich, Soccerex


David Haimovich works as an Account Manager for Soccerex, one of the leading conferences in the football industry worldwide. 

Prior to joining them, however, he worked for a period of time as a sports marketing intern at SBI and then undertook a couple of courses at our institute.

Our team recently interviewed David to get his feedback on his experience collaborating with SBI both as an intern and as a student.

SBI: Which courses did you complete at the Sports Business Institute Barcelona?

DH: I first completed the two-month "Football Management and Marketing Online Course" and then another program on digital transformation. 

SBI: Why did you decide to enroll in them?

DH: The Football Management and Marketing certificate acted as a platform to refresh what I had already learned in these areas and also to expand my network and bounce ideas with classmates from different backgrounds. Shortly after that I decided to join the digital transformation course because I have a strong interest in the area of digital. I’m intrigued by how digital can improve working processes and enhance the customer experience. I’m also a believer in data supported decision-making and all of these areas were covered in the course.



SBI: How did you benefit from studying at the Sports Business Institute Barcelona?

DH: In different ways. My network grew and I was fortunate enough to even have top-flight professional football players on one of the courses that I took. Also, the fact that the courses are online meant that I could be flexible with my location and time zone. Being able to watch recordings of the sessions that I missed when suited me was a bonus.



SBI: Were your course expectations met?

DH: They were. I wasn’t entirely sure whether online study would work for me as I prefer human interaction much more and I like “getting out there”. I found out that although online, when everyone has a passion towards the same subject, the online conversations we had were very productive and engaging. Eventually, I was able to establish strong connections with classmates who live in the same city as I do.



SBI: How did the courses at SBI help you in your current work?

DH: The studies helped me by providing a new outlook regarding how I approach certain aspects in my day-to-day work and also analysing various functions in the organization I work for.



SBI: How did your internship at SBI help you progress in your career?

DH: My internship with SBI was my first placement in the industry having done freelance work before. Afterwards when I progressed within the industry being affiliated with SBI certainly helped since this institute also trains senior executives from the sports industry. I developed skills and gained valuable experience which was transferable to other past roles as well as my current one.



SBI: Would you recommend SBI's courses?

DH: I would. The variety of courses in different levels that SBI offers means that they provide a suitable option to study regardles if you are currently working in the sports industry or looking to break into it. SBI's Director, Diego Valdes offered support throughout the whole process, even after you finish. It is among the best. 





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