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“Studying at SBI has allowed my to grow as a professional”, Raquel Rodríguez


Raquel "Rocky" Rodriguez is an international Costa Rican football player who plays as an attacking midfielder for Sky Blue FC of the NWSL in the United States and represents Costa Rica's national team. She scored Costa Rica's first ever World Cup goal during the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup in Canada. 


Why did you decide to learn about the business of football?

There were mainly two reasons that led me to study this course. On the one hand, I felt that acquiring knowledge in the areas of business and marketing in sport added value to my day to day as a player and as a professional. I can now apply this expertise to the team I am playing for.


On the other hand, I appreciate learning in general as my football career is going to finish someday. This is why I invest in my future and in my preparation to be valuable in the market in different areas.



Why do you think education is important for athletes?

As mentioned, the sports career of a football player is relatively short. However, gaining and developing this knowledge while I am an active athlete, in my opinion, is priceless because of the professional value it adds to my skill set.


I count with more resources and knowledge for my future career development beyond football. On the other hand, I can also help and support the teams I play for at a higher scale.




How useful was SBI's Football Marketing & Management online course?

It was a very enriching course because of three main aspects. First, the program offers valuable insights about how the areas of business and marketing work in sports. Second, the lectures are interesting because many discussions and debates take place to apply the theory to real case studies. Finally, a sense of community is generated and you have the opportunity to network with professionals already in the business and marketing sector or with students that want to step into the industry. The fact that classmates come from different parts of the world offers a global and enriching perspective.




What concepts and skills has the course offered you?

Definitely, the course taught me from a business and marketing perspective. Nowadays, the reality is that football goes much further beyond being just a sport. Football represents the sport with the largest community of fans worldwide. The attention and interest that it generates at an international scale make it unique, so we have to know how to leverage the opportunities, at an economic and creative level that this reality brings. The course offers an excellent integral education and introduces basic concepts that are vital for a good sports management background.


Do you plan to keep studying in the future?

Absolutely. Constantly, I try to learn and study through formal courses such as this course from SBI Barcelona as well as books, learning from experience and also from the daily and useful content that I can find on social media. I love learning and I don’t think I will ever stop developing myself.






If you are interested in starting or advancing your career in the football industry you can learn more about the Football Marketing & Management Online Course here.


Football Marketing & Management Online Certificate

Start Date: February 13, 2023 | Duration : 2 Months


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