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Super Bowl 2017 – Brands Involved In American Football And Soccer



Super Bowl 51 between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots was a true celebration with a miraculous comeback. For the first time in its history the game had to be settled in overtime.

While what occurred on the field was truly remarkable, there was another battle commencing off it, the advertising battle.

Sixty-three commercials from 21 different industry sectors were fighting each other for air time during the big day. The Super Bowl was broadcasted from 6:38 PM to 10:31 and reached an average audience of 111.3 million TV viewers (Nielsen). It is reported that a 30-second ad cost $5M on average in the previous Super Bowl. In relation to the ads that were broadcasted during the game, Nielsen reveals that the most tweeted ads were from the following brandsMr. Clean, Audi, and Buick.


Our Sports Marketing Analysis

At SBI we decided to examine which brands and sectors featured the most during the Super Bowl. We also cross-referenced those same brands and looked at the ones with a presence in the football (soccer) industry.


Brands With The Most Ads

1) T-Mobile: 4
2) Alfa Romeo: 3
3) Tide: 2
4) Paramount Pictures: 2
5) World of tanks: 2

We can see that actually the top two brands are not American brands. T-Mobile is a subsidiary of the German telecom company, Deutsche Telekom and Alfa Romeo is an Italian car manufacturer. What is interesting with T-Mobile is that in the previous Super Bowl, three of their ads were among the most shared ads online, reaching a total of 583,000 shares.

Tide is laundry detergent brand. Last year’s figures show that Americans spent $82M on chicken wings and $80M on deli salads so things can get a bit messy. (Nielsen)
Paramount pictures used the platform to promote two movies. The new Transformers movie and Ghost in The Shell featuring Scarlett Johansson. World of Tanks, a game for mobile platforms, split their 30 seconds of glory into two ads of 15 seconds each.


Brands Featured In The Superbowl That Also Have A Presence In The Football-Soccer Industry

1) Procter and Gamble- while this American company itself doesn’t feature as single entity in the commercials its brands do. However, although none of the brands that aired during the Super Bowl are related to a football club or competition, Gillette, which is also a P&G product is a premium partner FC Barcelona. Top players such as Neymar and Antoine Greizmann appeared in Gillette’s ads.



2) Anheuser-Busch- the American brewing company behind the Budweiser and Bud Light beer brands have strong ties with FIFA and act as official World Cup sponsors. The company is also the official sponsor for the US national soccer team.



3) Mercedes Benz- the German automobile company sponsors the German Football association and also act as kit sponsors of VfB Stuttgart in the 2nd Bundesliga.



4) Mars Inc- The global American snacks company is the official partner of the England’s national football team.



5) T-Mobile- The German telecom company is the kit sponsor of Bayern Munich.



6) Wix.com-The Israeli website design company have partnered with Manchester City and managed the revamp of the club’s official website.



7) Audi- The German automobile manufacturer who is part of the Volkswagen Group is a premium sponsor of FC Barcelona and a global partner of its fiercest rivals Real Madrid. Audi is also a main partner and shareholder at Bayern Munich.



8) Ford- The American automobile manufacturer is one of 1.FC Cologne’s sponsors. Ford was also the previous car sponsor of the UEFA Champions League before Nissan.



9) Kia- The Korean automobile manufacturer who is part of Hyundai Motor Group acts as the official automotive partner of the FIFA World Cup since 2007 with the deal expected to run until 2022. Kia is also an official partner of UEFA Euro since 2006. Their deal with UEFA will expire this year.



10) Coca Cola- the American beverage giants are one of FIFA’s official partners since 1974. The company has partnership with several football clubs: Real Madrid, Barcelona, Borussia Dortmund, Porto among numerous others.



11) Go Daddy- the American domain name and website services provider can be spotted around Southampton’s stadium. Surprisingly though, the company doesn’t feature on the club’s sponsors list on their official website.

12) Intuit- the American financial and business software company is the kit sponsor of Championship club Aston Villa.



13) Buick- the American automobile company is currently not involved in soccer. However, in the past it was a sponsor of the friendly match between Liverpool and AS Roma in Fenway Park back in 2014.



14) Intel- the American technology company used to have its logo printed on the inside of FC Barcelona’s shirt. Recently, Intel provided the 360 degree replay technology in the last clash between Barcelona and Real Madrid last December.



15) Turkish Airlines- the well-known Turkish company used to be partners of FC Barcelona and Borussia Dortmund. At the moment the company focuses on local clubs such as Galatasaray and Besiktas. They have also sponsored several top football players including Leo Messi, Didier Drogba among others.





Five out of the above-mentioned brands were at some point involved with FC Barcelona. Nine out of the 15 brands are American. The majority of 44 American brands in total during the Super Bowl demonstrate to us that it is still very much an American-oriented audience despite NFL games taking place in the UK in recent years. Looking at the Champions League for example which is a European competition, 4 out of its 8 partners are not European originally: Sony, Nissan, Mastercard and Pepsico. Whereas in Soccer we see a more global approach in terms of sponsors and business partners, in the United States the focus seems to remain focused on the domestic market.





This article was written by David Haimovich, Marketing Assistant at the Sports Business Institute Barcelona. If you have any comments or questions about this post feel free to contact him at david.haimovich@sbibarcelona.com. You can also follow him on Twitter at: 

Image Sources: Gillette, FC Barcelona, FC Bayern Munich, The Guardian, Mars, BBC Sport, Getty, The FA, Intel, Turkish Airlines, Coca-Cola, FIFA.


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