SBI Embarks on a Transformative Journey in Football Business Education

May 24, 2023

SBI Embarks on a Transformative Journey in Football Business Education - SBI Barcelona

SBI Embarks on a Transformative Journey in Football Business Education



Exciting news here at SBI! We are thrilled to share that a new chapter is beginning for us.


Our mission has always been to provide exceptional learning opportunities that adapt to the fast-paced world of football. We firmly believe that education and professional development are vital for unlocking the potential of future leaders in the industry.


With this in mind, we are proud to introduce our fresh new look, designed to reflect our growth and improved values and vision for the future of football business education. Our purpose remains the same: to influence and nurture professional careers globally by offering expert learning that meets the industry’s needs.


Our vision is to be the top choice for aspiring football business leaders. We are passionate about helping our students evolve in their careers by providing them with the best knowledge centered experience possible. Our commitment is to deliver high-quality, affordable, and flexible courses guided by experts, all wrapped in a friendly and welcoming environment. Our values have evolved to be forward-thinking, flexible, exclusive, focused on quality, and committed to networking.


But our rebranding is not just about visuals. We are excited to introduce “The Perfect Match,” a philosophy that integrates the worlds of business and football. We believe this is the key to fostering a strong and productive relationship between both sides of the industry.


Our new logo embodies the energy, strength, and magic of sports. Inspired by the urban and sophisticated aesthetics of Barcelona, our style and environment bring dynamism and freshness through unconventional compositions. 


At SBI, our community comprises of students and alumni from diverse backgrounds. Many have had successful careers in the commercial side of the industry, while others are newcomers directly from the field. We have discovered that football players are eager to learn the business side of the industry, while professionals from the business world lack the insights that football players possess.


Through our exclusive educational model, we aim to create a space that strengthens and builds areas where individuals feel less confident about. We firmly believe that a combination of business professionals and those from the field can nurture each other, forming a stronger and more integrated team.


We invite you to join us in celebrating this exciting new chapter at SBI. We are committed to continuing our mission of providing unparalleled education and training to professionals in the football industry.


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