FIFA Agent Regulations

January 17, 2023

FIFA Agent Regulations - SBI Barcelona

Football agents had become the driving force in transactions behind the scenes. They represent their client’s best interest along with their own. 


However in recent years it has become quite easy to become a football intermediary. There wasn’t really a need to do a FIFA licensed test to become an agent, as long as one had the right contacts, they could just start working within the industry. This meant that people who didn’t have the best know-how on what it takes to be an intermediary could still become one. Something had to be done by FIFA about this.


What’s happening?


FIFA is trying to regulate intermediaries in order to increase credibility, transparency and trust within the football industry. They intend to introduce a regulation system, which includes passing an exam before obtaining their license and receiving annual professional development and education. All these changes are needed to increase the ethical standard within the segment. 


FIFA Agent Regulations - SBI Barcelona


How much money do they earn?


Currently an agent earns about 5% of the player’s salary, sometimes even more, but FIFA wants to reduce that number. Also, an agent can receive up to 3% of any transfer fee that includes their client, which will be decreased as well. These two changes are the ones that will financially hurt the intermediaries the most. 


FIFA Agent Regulations - SBI Barcelona


What are some other major changes?


Minors will no longer be approachable by intermediaries until 6 months before they turn 17. This way FIFA limits the fighting between clubs and also between agents, and will make them wait a little longer. 


Clubs will no longer pay the agents, the players will have to. The only exemption from this is when a players’ remuneration exceeds $200,000, then the club will have to cover it. It will be interesting to see how the players will pay their respective agents.


(3rd Diagram – Premier League spending)


What are some eligibility requirements?



  • No criminal record
  • Never been subject to either suspension or disqualification by any sports governing body or regulatory authority for breaching the rules
  • Not be an official or employee working directly for FIFA in any capacity
  • Not hold interest in any league, academy, club or FA


Breaching the rules would result in immediate suspension and can result in losing their FIFA license 





The 21st Fifa Council meeting was held on the 16th of December in Doha, Qatar. Fifa officially approved the “agent regulations” and therefore increased the transparency in our beautiful game. The 2023 summer transfer window will mark the last time where the regulations will not be in place, so it will be interesting to see how agents with marquee players approach it.


Now with the changes in tact, both managers and players are in a more secure position. Obviously now they will have to pay their intermediaries directly, so it’s also very important for them to know the exact rules and obligations that they have to comply with in order to make this new system work efficiently.


FIFA Agent Regulations - SBI Barcelona


Are you interested in becoming an agent?


Becoming a football agent is a truly unique career option. It’s about building relationships, being a good communicator and having an eye for business. It’s a job that lets one follow their passion, that is the game of football. Click below to learn more!

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