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End of Summer Transfer Window – Conclusions

The 2023/24 summer transfer window ended last week. A period of extensive negotiations, strategic manoeuvres and financial investments by clubs across Europe’s top leagues. Unsurprisingly, Premier League clubs led the way in transfer spends in comparison to clubs in other ¨Big 5¨ leagues.


End of Summer Transfer 2023/24


Some insightful takeaways include:

  • ¨Big 5¨ League clubs spent a combined 5.72 billion Euros
  • Premier League clubs accounted for nearly 50% of total expenditure
  • LaLiga clubs spent least amount out of ¨Big 5¨
  • Although not in the ¨Big 5,¨ Saudi Pro League clubs spent a significant 778.2 million Euros (4 PIF clubs)

Premier League transfer spends slightly dropped this window in comparison to last year, however, the difference remains abysmal in contrast to the rest of the ¨Big 5 ¨ leagues.


Football Transfers Spends comparision2022/2023 vs 2023/24 Summer


When analyzing the top 10 clubs as far as expenditures and earnings, we can draw the following conclusions:

  • Top spending clubs included 7 from England, 2 from Germany and 1 from France
  • Top earning clubs included 4 from England, 3 from Germany, 2 from France and 1 from Italy
  • Chelsea was club with highest expenditure and highest earning 


Football Transfer Market 2023/24 Highlights


The numbers don’t lie.Premier League clubs continue to dominate the transfer market. We leave you with the following questions to reflect upon:

  • Is the value of most players accurately reflected in the price Premier League clubs are paying?
  • Are Premier League clubs overpaying for talent?  

As always, we look forward to your feedback and comments.


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