Champions League: The Money Game

May 19, 2023

Champions League: The Money Game - SBI Barcelona

Champions League 2022/23 quarter finals provided some exhilarating matches, with eight of Europe’s elite teams battling it out for a spot in the semi-finals. The better four gathered their wits and came out winners by moving to the semis.

We looked at all the teams main sponsors and kit providers along with the key financial information to see how the teams matched up against one another in a financial sense.


Champions League: The Money Game - SBI Barcelona


Battle of the Biggies


It was scheduled to be one of the most exciting matches in the RO8 and it delivered, City overcame the mighty German club convincingly to march ahead. Both these clubs are not just big on the field but in off-field revenues too.

Here’s a look at the numbers.


The major difference in revenues between the two comes from the Broadcasting income. Higher value of Premier League media rights leads to a better distribution of the income.


Kit and front-of-shirt sponsorship provides the highest value of income In commercial revenue. Looking at how they compare.


Financial prudence can be gauged by the wages to turnover ratio. How do these two clubs compare?

A very healthy under 60% ratio gives impression of a strong financially sustainable club.



Champions League: The Money Game - SBI Barcelona


The Underdogs


Benfica has been very strong in producing & honing quality players and subsequently selling them off at a higher price. In the last 5 seasons, their net transfer earning has been €360mn. They have won a record number of 37 league titles. Unfortunately, they missed the semis berth to Inter who are under tremendous pressure with regards to their ownership. There has been a lot of discussions on Suning, their parent company and the willingness to sell off. But it seems they will hold for now. Here’s a look at their 2021/22 financial performance.


Inter Milan has the better revenue strength in all the three areas of matchday, broadcasting and commercial however, Benfica, as mentioned earlier has a robust revenue generation through player sales.


In terms of commercial, Inter generates almost 44% of the revenues  through the kit & front of shirt sponsorship although the same is about 10% for Benfica.


Benfica also has one of the lowest wages to revenue ratios. Conversely, Inter is at a high level.


It can be safely said, that irrespective of financial prudence, the better performing team on the ground progressed to the semis.



Champions League: The Money Game - SBI Barcelona


Old rivalry in a new package


2022/23 has been a tumultuous season for Chelsea to say the least. A fire sale, new American management with no experience in European football, lavish transfer spending in one season (over €547mn in net transfer fees), bloated squad of 34 players, 3 managers changed in a single season, shirt and sleeve sponsors existing contract not likely to be renewed next season, perched at 11th in the domestic league and now, out of Champions League, the ‘Pride of London’ club is going through an unenviable season. Strong revenues amassed in 2021/22 season, a series of good transfer sales in the previous few seasons and some smart deals with new players and new contract renewals have managed to keep them under the FFP radar but there’s a lot of work to be done in the near future to sustain.


On the other hand, Los Blancos seem to be in a good financial shape with a strong revenue, continuing good on-field form leading to assured income in future and stability in management. There is always the question of Super League endeavour as Real Madrid is one of the three vociferous proponents. Here’s is a look at the financials.


On the sponsorship front, the status till 2022/23 season looks like.


That is scheduled to change with the onset of next season.


The wages to revenue ratio is manageable for both clubs for now. 2022/23 season (to be released next year) financials might give a different picture because of the added number of players in the Chelsea squad.



Champions League: The Money Game - SBI Barcelona


Rise of the Italian Warriors 

On one hand, 2022/23 can be described as nothing less than a dream season for Napoli with the dominating performance on-field, it can also be said the Men in red & black from Milan have somewhat risen from the ashes. After a rather disturbing period under the Chinese investor ownership, the reigns were taken over by Elliot who brought some structure and continued by new owners RedBird.


The transformation can be understood by 

– Growth in revenues

– Sharp control in wages to revenue ratio

– Prudent transfer spends


As for the men from Naples, Stefani Pioli, their coach has brought a new life to the city. If everything continues as is, they are on the verge of a much awaited Scudetto. Their star player Victor Osimhen is on every big club’s radar. The craze is so fervent that city markets have lined up sales for his face mask ϑ It’s disappointing to see their run end with a loss to AC Milan in the quarterfinals.


On the financial front, both clubs are on strong ground.


A smart sponsorship move by Napoli in taking Emporio Armani as their kit partner which has the possibility of a renewed fashion line in future adding into the revenues.


On the wages to revenue ratio, Napoli scores big with a very low ratio.


This is a good time for the Italian clubs.


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