Champions League: The Crown Jewel

May 31, 2024

Champions League: The Crown Jewel - SBI Barcelona

UEFA Champions League, the crème-de-la-crème of European football, is coming to the ultimate face-off for 23/24 season at London’s iconic Wembley Stadium. It’s the most sought-after club competition in the football industry for wholesome reasons including financial, prestige and its ultra-competitive nature. In this post we will look closely at the importance of UEFA competitions, the 23/24 finalists and the new format beginning 24/25

How Important are UEFA Competitions?

UEFA club competitions are the most sought after and prestigious competitions. Not only does it affirm the participating club’s profile but also increases its revenues significantly.

How significant you might ask?

The recently released edition of UEFA Club Finance and Investment Landscape report answers the questions. Participating clubs, from top-division leagues, earned cumulative revenues of €2.9bn in 2022 with the ‘big 5’ leagues earned 63% or €1.83bn of it

Further break up along with is the value share in the individual league’s total revenue

  • Premier League: €500mn, 13%
  • LALIGA: €470mn, 20%
  • Bundesliga: €376mn, 17%
  • Serie A: €257mn, 16%
  • Ligue 1: €231mn. 16%
Champions League: The Crown Jewel - SBI Barcelona

The Face-Off at Wembley

2023/24 season of Champions League has reached its crescendo with the final scheduled at Wembley on June 1st. Note that with this final, the familiar event format is will also end, more on that later

Let’s have a look at the finalists – 14 times winner Real Madrid meets Borussia Dortmund, the unlikely opponent who won the trophy only once in 1997. It has been quite a ride for Borussia Dortmund beating PSG, Atlético Madrid on the way

Real Madrid, on the other hand, have been in the finals 17 times before. They too had to deal with powerhouses on the way to Wembley namely previous winner Manchester City & Bayern Munich in the semi-final. Here’s a head-to-head on the business aspect of these two finalists

Champions League: The Crown Jewel - SBI Barcelona

We can only say – may the best team win!

The New Look Champions League

As mentioned above, Champions League is set to change from 24/25. Not only is the number of teams increasing from 32 to 36, resulting in 64 added matches but it also results in an increased payout to the participating teams. Reports indicate the total prize money to be distributed among all the teams will go up from €2 billion to €2.5 billion

Here’s a comparison between the existing and proposed prize money structure

Champions League: The Crown Jewel - SBI Barcelona

The interesting thing would be English clubs would receive an additional lump sum based on the value of their TV market and previous history in European competition. So much so that maximum an English club could earn (if an English team wins) would be €155m/£133m. Compare it to the 22/23 winners Manchester City receiving £117m.

A cool 15% more!


Champions League is the biggest contributor to UEFA’s annual revenue. According to the UEFA Financial Report, it contributed 74% of the gross revenue in 22/23. No wonder, Champions League is the crown jewel in UEFA bouquet. It can also be termed as the biggest event outside of FIFA World Cup. But besides everything, it gives the most entertaining football for the fans!

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