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Webinar on Building a Career in Football

May 14, 2024

Master Football Business

¨Building a Career in Football.¨

That’s the name we’ve given our upcoming webinar. The reason being, most of our readers are either:

A. Already working in football, looking to progress in the industry
B. Looking to transition from other corporate sectors
C. Aiming to start a career in the football industry

Whether you are starting out, transitioning from another sector, or looking to grow within the football industry, this webinar is designed for you.

We’ve invited Marian Otamendi, Co-Founder & Director at the World Football Summit, to share with us her insights on this topic.

Together with SBI’s Director General, Diego Valdes, they will cover tips on:

1. Designing your career roadmap
2. Leveraging and building your network
3. Identifying your professional gaps
4. Creating opportunities for yourself
5. Promoting equal opportunities for women in football


Webinar Details are as follows:

Topic: ¨Building a Career in Football¨
Date: Monday, May 20
Time: 7:00 PM, local time in Spain (6:00 PM UK)
Registration Link HERE

Building a Career in Football

This webinar is offered in collaboration between WFS and SBI.

Two organizations that share the same values of helping professionals grow by acquiring in-depth knowledge and fostering new relationships in football.  

Hope to see you there.  

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