Start Date : September, 2018 | Duration : 4 Months

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  • Language ENGLISH

  • Next intake September, 2018

  • Duration 4 Months

  • Fee € 2,950

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Digital has changed the game for sports business forever. Teams, leagues and federations no longer compete with each other; the new competitors are digitally-based activities such as social media, video streaming and gaming. Some analysts have even observed sport to be the most disrupted of all industries. 
Digital is more about aligning strategy and the organization to behaviours and expectations of modern fans than it is about technology. 
Ultimately, digital is about growth and therefore 'Managing Digital Transformation in Sports' has been purposely developed for football and sport organisations to explain the digital challenge to sports leaders, managers and professionals in a way that will enable organization and career growth.  
It is a modern reality that whilst business models in sports are still adjusting to the new data and fan-first reality of the digital era, a new breed of technologies such as virtual and augmented reality have arrived to push the economy further into competition for personalized and immersive experiences. 
Through all of this volatility, the principles that are needed to navigate digital disruption in our own roles and organizations are now understood. 'Managing Digital Transformation in Sports' takes lessons from all industries in the digital economy and combines them with football and sports business best practices to deliver a master class for career and business transformation. 
During this program you will learn about:
  • Monetization of digital assets for a sports organization
  • Strategic overview for deployment of new technology within a sports property
  • New opportunities for fan engagement brought on by the digital era
  • Forecast and evaluate new digital trends in the business and sport ecosystem 
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The program is aimed at professionals looking to improve their digital literacy so that they can more effectively lead and contribute to business transformation in a sports/football organization. 
It is the first program focusing on the transformation and specialization of digital business in the sports industry. 

Key Benefits of the program include:

  • World class curriculum and teaching by faculty from the the top football clubs, governing bodies, sports brands, media outlets and athlete representation firms worldwide.
  • Peer-to-peer learning through virtual lectures, online classroom discussion groups, project reviews and 360° feedback.
  • Selective entrance criterion ensuring quality for the program and optimizing networking opportunities



To ensure you are fully prepared for a wide range of professional challenges, the course curriculum covers all business areas across the sport industry.

The well-rounded curriculum is divided into four terms that cover the following areas:



1. Introduction - why sport is most disrupted of all industries
2. The new consumer and fan
3. New sport business responsibilities
4. Digital technologies and their impact on sports business explained

- Internet of Things
- Cloud Computing
- Mobile Computing
- Digital and Social Media
- Data and Analytics
- New technologies: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality & Artifi cial Intelligence



1. What is Digital Maturity 
2. Obstacles to achieving Digital Transformation 
3. Digital Transformation Success Factors

- Leadership and Strategy
- Culture and Governance 
- Business Model Innovation 
- Fan-centered Design 
- Corporate requirements - Finance, IT and Marketing 
- Open Innovation (including special feature on Innovation best practice)


1. What is a Social Business 
2. Social Leadership 
3. Socially Inspired Trends
- Digital Marketing Models 
- Digital Marketing Capabilities 
- Digital Media and the changing broadcast landscape 
- Crowd sourcing, Recruitment, Employee Ambassadors 
- Social Media Platform Selection 
- Social Media Best Practice 
- Sponsorship and monetizing social media 
- Mobile Apps
- Esports - industry analysis and opportunities for traditional sports



1. How Data is transforming business 
2. Characteristics of Data high-performers 
3. Planning for data mastery
- Developing a Data-driven culture
- Data and Analytics best practices and case studies
- Attracting and retaining Data and Analytics Talent
- Innovating with Data
- Sources of Fan Data and Customer Data Platforms
- How Big Data drives Marketing Success in Sport Organizations

You will benefit from the latest technology-enabled education and an interactive methodology that combines live web conferences led by top football industry professionals with an integral online platform through which the contents of the program are delivered.


The program brings together international industry executives from the top sports clubs, governing bodies and corporations across the world to provide candidates with the most relevant and up-todate information from the football industry through online guest speaker sessions.  
This course is led by Stephen Bourke, Sports Business Strategist and Digital Analyst. Stephen is an internationally experienced sports business specialist from Australia presently working in Qatar. He is a global executive board member of Sport and Entertainment Alliance In Technology (SEAT) Conference in the USA. Stephen’s passion for understanding the impact that the digital economy is having on sports business has led to him becoming the fi rst person to develop and deliver content online to inspire other sports professionals own transformation in our new digital-first reality.
The Sports Business Institute have provided training to executives from across the football industry at a global level including clubs, federations, and media outlets such as FIFA, Club Wembley, Liverpool FC, Manchester United, Manchester City FC, West Ham United, PSG, Inter Milan, Juventus, Galatasaray, the Mexican Football Federation among numerous other top sports properties.
The guest lecturers for the Certificate in Managing Digital Transformation in Sport are leaders in their fields. 

  • Charlie Sung Shin, Vice President, Data & Analytics at Major League Soccer
  • Jack Elkins, Director of Innovation at Orlando Magic
  • Christine Stoffel, Founder & CEO of Sports & Entertainment Alliance in Technology (SEAT)
  • Tom Halls, Head of Strategic Development at Gfinity
  • Jon Burkhart, Content Strategist and Innovation Lead / CEO of TBC Global
  • Priya Narasimhan, Founder & CEO of YinzCam
  • Fiona Green, Director & Co-Founder of WINNERS
  • Jesper Nyholm, Founder & CEO of 7Peaks

Our team is dedicated to connecting learners with a wide range of executives and employers from across the football and sport industry to build your network and optimize your career opportunities.


The program also includes access to the "Career Development & Mentorship Program", done in parallel with the course that includes a series of workshops and individual sessions that are tailored to the specific aspirations of each candidate based on his/her specific career goals, age, geographical location, previous experience, background and overall motivations of working within the football industry. 



Learners will also have access to several sporting recruitment firms which regularly advertise vacancies in the football industry at a worldwide level. 


As alumni you will receive the following services:

- Access to programs and workshops with industry executives
- Recruiting events in football
- Individual career advising
- Lifelong support as alumni

Admission Requirements

To register for the Certificate in Managing Digital Transformation in Sports Online you must meet the following criteria.

  • Bachelor’s degree, diploma or equivalent
  • Advanced level of English

*Exceptions may be made on a case by case scenario. 

Registration Procedure

1. Fill out online registration form on this page.


2. Secure your spot in the program by paying the 50 Euro application fee. You must fill out the form on this page and click on the "Continue to Payment" button.


3. Once the application fee has been paid a member of our team will contact you for a telephone interview to confirm your registration and discuss next steps for paying the course tuition via bank transfer. 


*Application fee is fully refundable for those candidates that are not accepted into the program. 

**To find out more about our payment plan by installments please contact our team at for further details.



Find out what our former students are saying about us

Matteo Trevisani, Digital Marketing Specialist, CONCACAF

I enrolled in several programs at the Sports Business Institute Barcelona to acquire new skills and network with industry professionals. I am absolutely thrilled to have taken their programs as they have given me valuable and practical information that I have used in my professional life. The material presented in the course is very relevant, fresh and easy to comprehend. I would recommend their courses to anyone who is looking to break into the sports industry or is currently working at a sports organization. The courses offer so many takeaways and lessons that will be used in the future. Congratulations to Diego, Emma and the entire SBI team for their organization and drive to deliver top-quality content to students!

Richard Lamb, Chief Revenue Officer, West Ham United

¨Well-researched, engaging, challenging and thoroughly enjoyable, these are first-rate courses useful for both people in the football industry or aspiring to work in football. The content was highly relevant and up-to-date, reflecting the different approaches to this fast-paced industry, while also looking at the potential developments and opportunities. SBI Director, Diego Valdes, has fantastic experience in the many aspects of football and has the ability to impart knowledge in an engaging and interesting manner, which encourages participants to think for themselves and gain a deep understanding of the field. Working in the football industry myself, I have been able to improve my skill-set and ability to perform my job thanks to this course. I would wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend their programs to anyone either in the industry or aiming to gain a fundamental understanding of how football works off the pitch.¨

Mark Roberts, Professional Football Player at Cambridge United

¨I can’t speak highly enough of the team at Sports Business Institute Barcelona and am so pleased I decided to study with them. As a professional footballer with an interest in the business side of the industry I couldn’t have hoped for a greater insight than the course provided. I have studied online before but the way this course is structured was far more interactive and I really benefited from the broad and detailed knowledge that Diego Valdes was able to provide. I have already enrolled myself on the digital media and communications course that they run and look forward to when it commences in 2016. For anyone looking to work within the world of football or develop their personal network studying with Sports Business Institute is the perfect place to look.¨



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