Football Career Counselling Sessions

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Duration : 1 Month

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  • Language ENG OR SPN

  • Duration 1 Month

  • Fee € 175

The Football Career Counselling Sessions are aimed at professionals looking to start or advance their career in the football industry. To receive more information please fill out the application form below.

The Football Career Counselling Sessions are comprised of two sessions. An initial 90-minute virtual session to outline your career goals, set a path with measurable objectives and provide you with tips and proven career advice. This session is then complemented with a 60-minute follow-up session to track your progress and measure your results to continue guiding you towards success. 

A 90-minute coaching session covers: 

How to write a winning CV and cover letter for football-related positions and common mistakes to avoid (CV revision included) 

Personal interview training for individuals seeking positions within the football industry 

* Advice on how to build and grow your network with industry professionals 

Explore the different career paths available based on your personal profile (including academic and professional background, location, skills & core strengths) 

* Advice on how to leverage previous corporate experience to successfully transition to a career in football 

* How to compete for positions in the industry that are not advertised to the public 

A 60-minute session is scheduled several days/weeks afterwards to track your progress and continue with your mentoring.

The Football Career Counselling Sessions typically follow the process identified below, although variations may occur based on a case by case customized approach with each individual.

1. Set up the session with our career counsellor to learn about the process and clarify your goals.

2. Identifying relevant life, educational and work experiences to clarify your interests, abilities, values and personal preferences.

3. Explore career options in the football industry that could be a good fit for you based on your overall profile.

4. Gather information about career options in the football industry, which may include day-to-day work activities, job availability and location, trends and wages, and educational and training requirements.

5. Make decisions and plans based on what is best for you.

6. Take action, which includes following through on your plan so you can achieve your career goals; monitor and adjust your plans as needed.

The Football Career Counselling Services are offered by Diego Valdes, Director at the Sports Business Institute Barcelona and Sports Marketing Consultant

Diego Valdes has personally coached and trained executives from organizations such as FIFA, The Premier League, La Liga, Manchester United, Liverpool FC, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, West Ham United, Newcastle United, Wembley Stadium, Major League Soccer (MLS), Galatasaray SK, Inter Milan, Wolverhampton FC, the Mexican Football Federation,, IMG, Western Sydney Wanderers, among many other clubs, federations, media outlets, and player representation agencies worldwide. 

He is also a FIFA, UEFA & CONCACAF accredited media representative and an active member of the Spanish Sporting Press Association. 

He holds an MBA and a Master in Sports Management from Barcelona School of Business Management, IDEC Pompeu Fabra. 

He is fluent in 4 languages: Spanish, English, French and Italian

During the football career counselling sessions we will go over the different paths available for each candidate based on his background, location, strengths and skills.

We will explore career paths based on each individual's background in the following areas of the football industry:

- Marketing & Sponsorship

- Finance

- Media, PR and Communications

- Event Management

- Sports Retail & Licensing

- Intermediation and Athlete Management

- Information Technology

- Human Resources

The Football Career Counselling Services consist of one 90-minute coaching sessions followed by a 60-minute session to track progress and continue with career mentorship. The fee for this service is of 175 Euros and it includes:

- 90-minute session of career counselling

- CV revision

- Workbook & template to apply for sports jobs

- 60-minute follow-up call to discuss progress & next steps



Find out what our former students are saying about us

Leo Avery, Marketing Counsel at International Olympic Committee

The Sports Business Institute's Online Football Marketing & Management course provides an extremely detailed insight into the key commercial aspects of the football business. The weekly group discussions, expertly led by the knowledgeable Diego Valdes, provide an invaluable opportunity for students to engage with each other and share ideas and opinions. Additionally, the course materials give students a vast amount of background information on a wide variety of relevant topics. I would happliy recommend this course to both those looking to gain an insight into the football business and those already working in the industry.

Matteo Trevisani, Manager, Integration and Activation at United Soccer Leagues LLC (USL)

I took the Sports Business Institute Barcelona Football Digital Marketing and Social Media Online Course. I am absolutely thrilled to have taken the course as it has given me valuable and practical information that I have used in my professional life. The material presented in the course is very relevant, fresh and easy to comprehend. I would recommend the course to anyone who is looking to break into the sports industry or is currently working at a sports organization. The course offers so many takeaways and lessons that will be used in the future. Congratulations to Diego and Emma for their organization and drive to deliver top-quality content to students!

Richard Lamb, Chief Revenue Officer, West Ham United

¨Well-researched, engaging, challenging and thoroughly enjoyable, this is a first-rate course useful for both people in the football industry or aspiring to work in football. The content was highly relevant and up-to-date, reflecting the different approaches to this fast-paced industry, while also looking at the potential developments and opportunities. SBI Director, Diego Valdes, has fantastic experience in the many aspects of football and has the ability to impart knowledge in an engaging and interesting manner, which encourages participants to think for themselves and gain a deep understanding of the field. Working in the football industry myself, I have been able to improve my skill-set and ability to perform my job thanks to this course. I would wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend this course to anyone either in the industry or aiming to gain a fundamental understanding of how football works off the pitch.¨



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